Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As an MSC what will you do for me?
A. The MSC service coordinator will:

  • work with you and your family to explore what you want and need in life and then assist you in getting it
  • work together with you, your family and your supports to develop, implement, and maintain your Individualized Service Plan
  • work with you to find resources, services, and supports that you want or need
  • make sure all providers are working towards achieving your desired outcomes.

Q. What is an Individualized Service Plan (ISP)?
A. An ISP is a personal plan written by the MSC service coordinator and is required for all persons enrolled in MSC or the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver. It contains information describing who you are, your dreams and desires, and identifies the services and supports you want and/or need to achieve those dreams. The ISP is developed using a person-centered approach to planning with you as the focus of all planning activities. The content of the ISP is based upon discussions with you, your family family and/or advocate, service providers and others who know you best. The ISP must be reviewed two times per year but can be changed anytime to reflect the changes in your life and dreams.

Q. Where and how often will an MSC meet with my family or me?
A. The MSC service coordinator must meet with you face-to-face at least three times per year. One of these meetings must occur in your home. The need for additional face-to-face meetings is determined by you and your family and supports. MSCs may also contact you, your family and/or supports by phone to make sure we are following your dreams and helping you meet your goals.

For information about Medicaid Service Coordination please call 518-954-2053.